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This isn't really our picture, but consider it to be us keeping the picture that came in the frame on display.

We have been in the online media business for well over 20 years. In all of those years we have put together some incredibly helpful content for our users across a wide variety of subjects. With Home Gear Works, we are focusing on the things that interest us the most - the kitchen and general foody-stuff.

We love to eat so unless we want to go out all the time, we cook. When we cook, we want to have the right gear to get things done (i.e. prepare our meals), but at the same time, we don't want to break the bank. We know that all of you have your 'target price point' for things and we are aware of that. We focus our research on a couple of different price points & targets:

Price Ranges

  • LOW - We analyze what would be considered to be the best products in the bottom tier of prices.
  • MEDIUM - We analyze what would be considered to be the mid-point of the product category. This is really where the majority of products are purchased.
  • HIGH – We analyze the products that are considered to be a little more expensive. We look to see what additional features you are going to be paying for, with an eye to understanding if the extra money is worthwhile.
  • LUXURY - We really stay away from this price range. It can be interesting and fun to analyze a $30,000 gas grill, but what's the point, I'm never going to over spend on anything, so we don't expect you to.

We focus on a multi-level review process. First, we start off with a review of reviews. We start here because this is where we can get an array of 'initial impressions'. As a rule, we don't find user reviews on most ecommerce sites to be particularly useful as they are written within the first few days of someone owning the product.

In the next phase of our research, we get our hands on the products that we review (and we detail our hands-on sections) and use them for what we think most people will use them for. We don't particularly like a lab setting because those products are not used like an individual uses them. We want real-world use of the products. Worst case, we will find someone that has the product and we will have a little party.